It’s that time of year again!

It’s that time of year again! Oh… no I am not talking about summer when the kids are out of school and it’s time to take a vacation, I’m talking about Awards season!  

The 2017 ASID, American Society of Interior Designers, Design Excellence Awards Gala is coming up! And the prepping has begun! We have three homes in total that we will be shooting and submitting for this year’s awards. What is great about these three homes, is that they are all very different. It is so fun to incorporate the different styles of each client and to see what the outcome is. All of them are beautifully unique and showcase the client’s own personal style.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come, and the preparation that went into the photo shoots! 

The thought of taking pictures of a home sounds so simple, but let me tell you, it is not!

First, inspiration! Every shoot is so different, so finding new, fresh inspiration is very important. Viewers do not want to see the same decor and pieces every time. Once we have inspiration, it helps us narrow down what we need to buy. We have done everything from fresh flowers, to wine and a cheese and meat board, freshly cut lemons, etc. Inspiration is key before beginning any photo shoot!  

The second step is shopping. I mean who can complain about shopping, right? Everyone loves to shop. But shopping is quite stressful when you are trying to find the perfect pieces to compliment and coordinate with a space, while also making sure it is not going to overpower the design. Some tricks I have found is to find 1 or 2 pieces that you really want to grab your audience’s attention when looking at the photo. From there, find pieces that complement those statement pieces, as well as the rest of the space. Remember, you still want the design itself to speak the loudest, not the decor.

Next is staging! This part can be quite tricky. Before the photographer gets there, my assistant and I will go and make sure the placement of everything looks perfect. However, once the photographer gets there, she gives us her professional opinion and we make any changes to the placement of items that she thinks looks best. The interesting thing about placing items in a space, is that they look different through the camera lens. Going from 3-Dimensional to 2-Dimensional is quite different!

Fun insider secret! I wanted to do something unique and different for each shoot. So, every shoot I take a few photos of myself in it too. I LOVE shoes, and each photo shoot I have done, I have picked out the perfect heels to match and compliment the design of the space. It puts a fun and personal touch on the photos!

We can’t wait to see how the photos will turn out! We will keep you updated and publish them on our website after the Awards Gala. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Hopefully in September I will write to you with good news of awards!


5 Things People Forget About When Hosting a Dinner Party

5 Things People Forget About When Hosting a Dinner Party

We all know that hosting a dinner party is a lot more stressful than it sounds. Most often, the host thinks that the menu for the night is the most important item, but well rehearsed entertainers know that it’s about more than just the food. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t serve burnt chicken with some canned green beans, but there are 5 key ingredients you can’t forget when hosting a dinner party, outside of just the menu.


The first, is serveware.

You eat with your eyes first! And that includes the stylish serving bowls and platters that are used to display your cuisine. In addition, make sure you have a solid set of serving utensils at the table, no one will be using their hands to serve themselves!


Number two, mood lighting.

Lighting can be an essential aspect in setting the right mood for a dinner party. You don’t want the overhead lighting to be too harsh, and it’s always good to have the subtle glow of candlelight. This will create the perfect environment for nice conversations and good eats.


The third aspect, glassware.

Plastic cups are okay for having people over to watch the game, but when it comes to a dinner party, they are not okay. For this event, you need two glasses on the dinner table – stemmed glassware for wine and glass tumbler cups for water.


Number four, linens.

Linens have multiple purposes. One, they protect your table from damage and spills and two, they add aesthetics to your table. Table runners, cloths, napkins, place settings; they all add a fun flare to your average table setting. Designer tip! Opt for a pop of color or pattern to your napkins or table runner.


Lastly, the centerpiece

This may be the most important out of the 5, and the most fun to pick out! Whether you go with a beautiful floral arrangement, or a modern and sleek desert dish, every table needs a centerpiece that will be sure to “wow” the guests. This is the focal point of the table, and is surely to be noticed by your guests.

However, before you can even think about hosting a dinner party, it is beneficial to make sure your space is ready! EmV Design Build can help you with selecting furniture, paint colors, decor (and more!) for your dining room.

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