1. Determine the function and layout of the room

What exactly are you going to do with this space? Are you going to turn it into a nursery? A game room? A place of gathering? Once you determine this, the rest will surprisingly fall into place pretty easily. Establishing the layout of the space is the first step into creating a beautiful, and functional, space that fits your lifestyle.  

2. Measure the space

Okay, so this is probably the least glamorous part of the puzzle, but it may be the most important. You want to make sure you have the dimensions of the space, that way you can plan accordingly to ensure everything will fit in the space comfortably. You want your space to look open and inviting, not crowded and jam packed. And don’t forget to measure the ceiling heights, too! This is helpful when picking out art pieces for the walls.

3. Find inspiration and create an organized way of maintaining it

Find inspiration in whatever form this may take! This could be creating a board on pinterest and pinning your “loves” to a board. Or cutting out photos from magazines that catch your eye when browsing through the pages. Or simply creating a photo diary, and snapping photos of anything that you may find inspirational. Keeping this all organized is very important so you don’t feel overwhelmed and disorganized when you begin to make selections.

4. Find the center of attention for the room

Found an amazing painting? Or have a piece of furniture that is special and near and dear to your heart? Make it the focal point of your room, and build the space based off of that! Finding a piece of furniture, or a painting, can be used to set the tone of the entire room.

5. Decorate to accommodate that focal point

Once you have established your focal point of the room, now comes the fun part of picking out pieces and selections that compliment your focal point. Now you can begin to pick out furniture, accessories, colors, patterns, etc. to complement and bring life to your space!